At Crofton Park Opticians we provide both NHS and Private Eye Examinations which include all necessary clinical checks. 

We also provide Enhanced Gold Standard Eye Examinations which includes retinal photography, Gold Standard eye pressure measurement and peripheral vision testing.

During your eye examination, your Optometrist will discuss with you any problems you may be experiencing with your vision or your eyes and will ask you about your health and history to be able to gauge if there are any other factors which could be affecting your eyes. 

The Optometrists will then look at the health of your eyes by examining the front surface as well as the inside of the eye. This does not hurt but due to the bright light used to give a good view of the inside of the eye, can be mildly uncomfortable for those who are very sensitive to bright lights

You vision will be assessed during your eye examination which determines whether you are long-sighted, short-sighted or astigmatic and you will be advised as to whether or not you need glasses.

In some cases your optometrist may need to instil eye drops to either check the health of your eyes more thoroughly (generally in older patients) or to better determine the prescription for glasses required (for young children). Your Optometrist will go through this with you if it is required on the day.